Live remote
interpreting platform

No professional equipment required

Prepare for an event in 1-2 hours

Only pay for the time used


SPEAKUS breaks language barriers at multilingual events

Cloud-based interpreting platform to connect speakers, interpreters and audiences

Audio and video online feeds

App-based live translation on smartphones and tablets

It’s that simple!


Breaking the language barrier

1. Install the app

2. Scan the conference code

3. Listen in your own language


Supporting events of any scale

  • Conference
  • Forum
  • Summit
  • Convention
  • Shareholder meeting
  • Hearing
  • Seminar
  • Meetup
  • Webinar


We extend your global audience by applying translation to any language of the world

Stage performance

We provide simultaneous translation of audio and video broadcast of your presentation

Panel discussion

We support simultaneous translation in distinct languages spoken by several participants and questions from the audience


All participants receive simultaneous translation regardless of the conference software used

We assist all members of the event market

Venue Owner

“We host a variety of events and save on equipment”

Event Agency

“We can order event interpreting services on short notice”

Venue Manager

“It is important that we use highly qualified interpreters and perfect audio”


“We can offer simultaneous interpretation services even in small coworking spaces”

Interpreting Agency

“Our interpreters can work remotely and maintain their work-life balance”

Save time and money

  1. No more costly equipment
  2. No more daily equipment rentals
  3. No more fines for lost or damaged headsets
  4. No more travel or accommodation expenses for interpreters
  5. No more time spent searching for the best interpreters and equipment

Ease to use

No need for expensive equipment and miles of wiring

Mobility and savings

Arrange interpretation services for any location or venue. Interpreters can operate remotely.

Multilingual events

Several interpreters can work simultaneously. Listeners select interpretation into their preferred language.

Listener’s device

Participants use our mobile app for simultaneous interpreting.

Speaker’s device

All portable and desktop devices are supported.

Internet connection

Recommended bandwidth from 5 Mbp.

Trusted by

Corporations • VC funds • Conference centers • Hotels • News & Media • Technoparks • Entertainment companies


What if the on-site internet connection is unreliable?

We always check the quality of internet connection on site prior to each event. If the internet connection is spotty, we recommend using conventional equipment instead.

Can we still invite interpreters we know?

Yes, you may use your own interpreters on the SPEAKUS cloud-based SaaS platform. However, we can also recommend interpreters from our own pool of highly-qualified experts.

What if somebody doesn’t have a headset?

We recommend that event managers purchase a small batch of cheap disposable earphones or better, advise their guests to bring their own headsets.

Who has access to the live interpretation?

Anyone with the app and event code have access to the live interpretation, whether or not they are attending the event in person. This makes SPEAKUS the ideal interpretation platform for webinars and remote events.

The SPEAKUS team

Alex Gusev


Day-to-day project management, interpreter community relationship management

Igor Gusev

Co-founder, CFO, PhD

Operational and financial management, Investor relationship manager

Competitive Start Fund 2017 winners

Please contact us:



2B, b. 9, Otradnaya str., Moscow, 127273

+7 499 653-87-35 (CIS)


+7 914 704 2000 (Dmitrij Vasilistov)

+7 950 292 8179 (Alisa Zhezhko)


M11 Business Campus,

Gorey, Co. Wexford

+353 85 249 5980 (EU)


391, Chemin de Carel, 06810,


+336 19 63 02 87 (Eleonora Larina-Kaabi)


Almaty, 135, Zhibek Zholi

+7 495 648-67-62


3b/2 Central Ave, Moorabbin VIC 3189

+61 4 2483 3277



+38 097 075 5693 (Maksim Motin)

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